How to Organize a Messy Garage

How to Organize a Messy Garage

Out of sight, out of mind. That’s the approach many take when it comes to cleaning the garage. However, as the weeks and months pass, the mess can morph from a mountain into a molehill. At some point, we all must bite the bullet, roll up our sleeves and take on the beast the garage has become. But before delving into how to organize a messy garage, it’s always best to consult a garage door repair Queen Creek AZ specialist.

  1. Keep What You Want, Discard What You Don’t

how to organize a messy garageBefore you begin organizing and cleaning your garage, it’s important to decide what will stay and what will go. There’s bound to be old books, clothing, sporting equipment and other items that have long past worn out their welcome. Unless they hold some sort of sentimental value, it’s time to say goodbye. However, that doesn’t mean these relics need to be relegated to a landfill. In fact, someone else may find some life left in these now lifeless artifacts. You can donate these items to your local non-profit and give them the home they deserve.

In addition, check to see the expiration dates on cleaning chemicals and other fluids around the garage. The last thing you want in your new, sparkling garage is science experiments from years gone by.

  1. Categorize Your Items

Once you’ve ridden the garage of the rubbish, it’s time to categorize what you have left. The process couldn’t be easier. Place tools with other tools, sporting goods with other sporting goods and so forth. Once the items have been organized in neatly placed piles, it will be all the easier to stock and store later on.

  1. Consider Cabinets and Storage Compartments

how to organize a messy garageNow that you’ve categorized all your wares, you should consider how you now want to store your valued items. Something to think about is cabinets and other storage compartments. Overhead garage storage systems are a great place to store items you need only some of the year, such as summer clothes and Christmas lights.

For items you use on a daily or weekly basis, garage wall storage systems are the way to go. You can hang garden tools, bicycles baseball bats, brooms and much more. Plus, you can place smaller tools in cabinets and compartments that are stretched along the wall. These wall units are easy to install and should clear up space you may not even realized was available.

  1. Create A Cleanup Schedule

You did it! The garage is spotless and now completely organized and the floor is so clean you could take a nap on it. But be forewarned, the battle has only just begun. Once you’ve completed your cleanup project, you should create an organizing schedule. Why put in all that work just to be back in the same spot six months from now? Be sure to set aside some time each month to tidy things up instead of spending an entire weekend back at square one, especially if you’re considering selling your house in Queen Creek in the future.

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